About Takiwā Tourism

Takiwā Tourism is about sharing who we are, as Māori, with the world.

We are an exciting collective of Māori tourism ventures
from Ngāi Tahu – a resilient, entrepreneurial people who made their home
in Te Waipounamu (the South Island) over 800 years ago.
Our ancestors were the first long distance seafarers, riding the ocean currents
and navigating by stars on voyaging waka (canoes) from Hawaiki Nui.

Ngāi Tahu means the ‘people of Tahu’. Our tribal takiwā (territory) covers Stewart Island and over 80 per cent of the South Island. It is New Zealand’s largest single tribal territory.

When you choose to explore this area with a Takiwā Tourism experience, you’re choosing to connect with the history and traditions of our people through a registered tribal member – someone who can trace their ancestry back to the tribe’s founder, Tahu Pōtiki. 

Our tribal identity is an ancestral link to the land, the sea, and the environment we live in. Through Takiwā Tourism, our locally owned and operated ventures share this identity with the world.

We invite you to experience our culturally rich encounters through guided walking tours, fishing charters, bird watching and eco-tourism adventures, all tailored to meet the needs of small groups and delivered from a Māori world view.

Our stories, told by our people, in our place.

Nau mai, tauti mai, haere mai! Welcome!


Te Waipounamu
"Our dream is that commercial success is the wind in the sails of our tribal development. The goal is that our commercial growth supports our perpetual tribal development journey."